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 The Roxy interview with Lisa Marie

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Tuesday, June 26 Graceland heiress Lisa Marie Presley makes a rare live appearance here at The Roxy Theatre on The Sunset Strip. Touring on her third record Storm & Grace, the “Princess of Rock and Roll” has been receiving glowing accolades for her stripped down, moody, southern goth effort, as she returns to her family roots, and steps away from her previously more production heavy body of work.

Currently in the wind down phase of her month long, coast to coast tour, LMP took some time out to phone in to her Hollywood performance destination—The Roxy Theatre, to give us a little background on the new record, discuss her simplified and calmer life in the UK, and reminisce about her “metal days” on The Sunset Strip.

Where are we calling from?

I am on a tour bus en route from Chicago to Indianapolis, Indiana.

So the new record Storm & Grace, it’s your third album… tell us about that.

I’m really proud of this record. It’s a much more organic, broken down record compared to the previous records I’ve done before. It’s a much more intimate, concert type of situation compared to my previous efforts. Things are simplified, I’m not over-doing things. It’s just a different vibe now…

You’ve been getting rave reviews for this new record. Some are even calling it the best of your career. Do you pay much attention to that sort of thing? Does it affect you?

I try not to pay too much attention, ‘cause you know you get excited about one good one (review), and then two bad ones will come along [laughter]. It has been overwhelmingly, really nice though… and surprisingly positive. So I am really happy about that; I love that for sure.

Have there been any events in your life that really sort of influenced the mood and/or theme of the record?

I think deconstructing, and reconstructing my life at a certain point, and moving away; moving out of the country and writing the record, and just really a total overhaul starting from ground zero; the record kind of hints at all that. So it came from a real raw, organic place relating to the changes I was making in my life at the time.

What’s your favorite track on the new record?

I’m partial to “Soften The Blows” it’s one of my favorite songs… I like “Over Me,” I like “Storm of Nails” a lot… ya know different ones have different meanings for me, but I have a definite attachment to each of them.

This upcoming show at The Roxy, does that hold any special significance for you either playing the venue or playing on The Sunset Strip?

I was part of the whole heavy metal scene back in the late 80’s, so The Strip sort of represents that for me; it was a really fun area to go to. It’s always more nerve-wracking to play a show in L.A., simply because most of the audience are family and friends; so it’s a little bit harder for me to do shows like that, it’s more pressure. I prefer when I don’t know everyone, and they’re not part of my family. It’s a lot less stressful for me.

I heard a rumor that the poster created for this Roxy show may actually end up on display at Graceland?

I dunno… I hope so! I mean that would be cool to get that. It will probably go in the archives. Yeah, I mean we kind of try to save everything.

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On the road do you have any pre or post show rituals that help put you in the proper state of mind for either performing or decompressing afterwards?

I mostly just like everything as calm as possible ‘cause I’m so affected by different energies going on… So I like to be alone, and all by myself for about 30-40 minutes before a show to collect myself. And I have various throat spays and humidifiers I breathe, and little voice exercises I do, but that’s kind of it, nothing elaborate.

And obviously throughout your life, and now with the new record, you’ve done tons of press, and media, and interviews. Are there any particular questions that really irk you, or certain pet peeves pertaining to the journalists interviewing you?

I just kind of go into auto-response a little bit. What I don’t like is when an interviewer will get me warmed up, and then about half way through the interview will launch into some inappropriate line of questioning. They tend to just kind of want to try and chat, and act like they love the record, and wait till they get you coddled in… and then, as if I don’t know it’s coming, they try to ask you something ridiculous that has nothing to do with the music. That sort of thing… it doesn’t upset me… ‘cause I mean you can’t really get upset about that sort of thing because it’s so silly, but I don’t love that [laughter].

How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to be written in the history books, so to speak?

That I’m a mother… that I actually wrote some pretty good songs. People can maybe learn from my mistakes, and some of the things I’ve done… Just that I definitely had a life worth living. But being a mother is the most important part. Being a good mom.

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The Roxy interview with Lisa Marie
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