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 Lisa Marie Presley chats to

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PostSubject: Lisa Marie Presley chats to   Lisa Marie Presley chats to EmptyTue Oct 16, 2012 4:22 am

Lisa Marie Presley chats to about new album Storm And Grace

By Dan Lane

She might be US music royalty, but Lisa Marie Presley reveals to that she decided to recruit British stars Ed Harcourt, and Richard Hawley to collaborate on tracks for her third studio album Storm And Grace, which was released in the UK today (October 15).

“I never made a deliberate attempt to make a different sounding record,” she tells “In fact, when I started working on this record, I started working with rock writers. That was my comfort zone, I just did what I was used to. Then I got with Richard Hawley, and we wrote a song called Weary, and that was kind of the breakthrough.”

Lisa says her husband, Michael Lockwood, had once worked in Sheffield and suggested former Pulp guitarist and Mercury Music Prize-nominated singer/songwriter Hawley as a potential collaborator for the album.

“It was a complete whim like ‘Why don’t we just try this?’,” smiles Lisa. “Richard hadn’t written with anyone else since Jarvis [Cocker, Pulp frontman] and he was nervous, and I was nervous, but we wrote Weary in an hour. Then we just kept making these appointment to write and we developed this relationship. I get crazy texts from him all the time, I just adore him!”

Lisa also talks about moving to the UK, and what she enjoys about the British way of life.
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Lisa Marie Presley chats to
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