Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson

A real love story! 6th Anniversary
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 Part of Lisa Marie Presley’s talent is the fan connection

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Part of Lisa Marie Presley’s talent is the fan connection Empty
PostSubject: Part of Lisa Marie Presley’s talent is the fan connection   Part of Lisa Marie Presley’s talent is the fan connection EmptyThu Nov 08, 2012 4:54 am

Part of Lisa Marie Presley’s talent is the fan connection


If you weren't hoarse from screaming your lungs out in joy at the Lisa Marie Presley concert at Nashville's Exit/In last night, then you need to get your hearing checked. Or perhaps you need to stay listening to dull music sung by people who have no hand in writing and producing their own stuff. Last night was an incredible show.

Presley sounded amazing even during the sound check: clean, clear, strong, and ready to rock, despite the band's performing at a Tunica casino on November 2 and 3. "This show was better," Presley said. "The energy from the (Nashville) audience was amazing." Dressed in a long, black dress with decorative belt, Lisa Marie really showed her chops, belting out an opening introduction to a song before the band jumped in, playing the drums with fervor, and yet stopping to sign autographs from a few front-row fans. A different version of "Idiot" made the song even more hateful; "This is the meanest song I've ever wrote," she confessed on stage (But if you have ever nursed a broken heart, it is the best). Backstage she admitted, "I almost slipped and said whom it was about." This is Lisa Marie Presley: honest, talented, and open.

Presley's concert attendees are an eclectic group. There are folks from all ages, all styles of dress and appearance. "I was an Elvis fan since I was an itty bitty girl," says one mother who brought her grown daughter. "I love Lisa Marie!" A 20-something with bright orange hair tells others, "We traveled to see her in Tunica. Both shows!" Two heavy metal, biker types (with lots of tats) literally gushed over a signed CD cover. A few special needs attendees had incredibly huge smiles when Lisa Marie called out "I love you!" back to fans. Gay, straight, black, white, large, small, and all those in between were screaming out their adoration in between sets.

Presley played most cuts from her latest CD, Storm & Grace. She "told a secret" prior to performing the title track. "I wrote this song about my son," she confessed. Benjamin Storm Keough attempted to not get emotional by the tune, but a few days later, "showed me he had the chorus tattooed on his chest, across his heart." Storm & Grace has a different feel, showing both unabashed anger and shameless adoration.

As usual, there was a meet & greet after the show, and rather than just sign items and move along, Lisa Marie Presley took time to speak with all visitors, pose for photos, and visit. Country singers Tanya Tucker and Crystal Gayle had snuck in, hat pulled low and hair pinned up, to take in the show and welcome Presley back to Nashville. "I love this girl!" Tanya Tucker said of Presley. "She is so talented!"

As Presley and band prepared for Ohio, fans hung around in case they got a glimpse, a handshake, a signed item. "It's the swing state" one band member said, referring to today's election results. "We're kinda scared." It is also the last tour date. Inevitably they will be met with screams, shouts of love, attempts to get a signed item, or more. Lisa Marie will give back. She has that kind of talent.

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Part of Lisa Marie Presley’s talent is the fan connection
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