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 Michael Jackson Original Medical Documents from 1984 Pepsi Burning Incident Up for Auction with Pristine Auction

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PostSubject: Michael Jackson Original Medical Documents from 1984 Pepsi Burning Incident Up for Auction with Pristine Auction    Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:21 am

Michael Jackson Original Medical Documents from 1984 Pepsi Burning Incident Up for Auction with Pristine Auction

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Perhaps the single event that became the turning point in Michael Jackson’s life was his frightening episode of being burned during a 1984 Pepsi commercial shoot. What was supposed to be a filming of a mock Michael Jackson concert with an audience of 3,000 people complete with dramatic pyrotechnics soon exploded into infamy as the pop star’s head caught fire from an ill-timed explosion. A video captured the terrifying moment:

Jackson suffered serious burns to his scalp that day and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. After this event, Jackson’s life took an unexpected dark turn as he delved into the world of prescription drug addiction and plastic surgeries. This lifestyle culminated in his death on June 25th 2009, when the star died from a concoction of medications that made him overdose. Throughout his last years, Jackson was often ridiculed for his bizarre appearance and even accused of child molestation on multiple occasions, though he was eventually acquitted of all charges.

The Pepsi commercial incident is the single moment in Michael Jackson’s life that points to his eventual downfall and justifiably, the original medical documents from the tragic event are a unique piece of history from his life. Pristine Auction is proud to announce that they are placing these original documents up for auction so that the lucky winner can own a piece of exciting memorabilia that defined the legacy of Michael Jackson’s later years in life.

The documents from the Brotman Medical Center where Jackson was treated display a host of fascinating items. Along with hand-written doctors’ notes are never before seen Polaroid photos of the burns taken at the emergency room in the aftermath of the incident. There is a discharge summary that details all the events surrounding the incident, and this even includes a list of medications that Michael Jackson was prescribed following the trauma. Lastly, the documents include a Michael Jackson signed release form agreeing for the documents to be sent to Michael Jackson’s lawyers, which resulted in an eventual lawsuit and settlement with Pepsi over the incident.

Jackson clearly went through serious pain and trauma during the accident and the following months. He dabbled with medication at that time and subsequently had to battle addiction for years which resulted in his death in 2009. Additionally, Michael Jackson had to undergo reconstructive surgeries to repair his scalp, and many fans ponder whether the experience was a prelude to the dramatic alterations to his physical appearance in later years.

Skeptics and conspiracy theorists have even claimed that the event was a hoax aimed at increasing Jackson’s publicity, though these original medical documents clearly reject such outlandish claims. Also, one has to realize that he was in such a famous position at the time that such a publicity stunt would be rather superfluous.

However, the legend of Michael Jackson has always been one enshrouded in mystery and rumors, though one aspect of his life is very clear; and that is that Michael Jackson experienced a monumental jolt in his life because of the pyrotechnic incident during the 1984 Pepsi commercial shoot, and that his life was never again to be the same. The fact that his drug abuse was the eventual cause of death for the famed singer makes one assume that his battle with addiction began as a direct result of the burns he suffered.

Here is the official documentation of the accident and Pristine Auction will put these items up for auction in the coming weeks with no reserve price.

Michael Jackson truly was the “King of Pop” with his brilliant music and dancing skills. However, as happens to most superstar heroes of our times, the brightness of the public spotlight can often be too much to handle, especially when traumatic injuries occur. The burning incident was the single turning point in Jackson’s life and these original medical documents of the accident are a wonderful way to remember the legacy of one of music’s biggest icons.

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Michael Jackson Original Medical Documents from 1984 Pepsi Burning Incident Up for Auction with Pristine Auction
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