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 Lisa Marie Presley Shares Graceland Memories

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Lisa Marie Presley Shares Graceland Memories Empty
PostSubject: Lisa Marie Presley Shares Graceland Memories   Lisa Marie Presley Shares Graceland Memories EmptyWed Dec 05, 2012 1:40 am

Lisa Marie Presley Shares Graceland Memories

Even though I’ve been there many times, I’ve been meaning to get back over to Graceland all year. I’ll probably go over the holidays because they decorate it with Elvis Presley’s original Christmas decorations. Plus, I’d like to see the new exhibit curated by Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis … Through His Daughter’s Eyes.

Lisa Marie Presley graced us with her presence this summer with a visit to CMT. Along with talking about her new album, Storm & Grace, she fielded a few questions about her childhood home, too.
CMT Edge: I know you curated an exhibit at Graceland about your relationship with your dad. Were you eager to do that, or did you have to be convinced to do it?

Presley: It was just an idea because we have to change things up. It was a business decision, too, as well as a personal decision because it’s different from the rest of the tour. It’s a more personal take on him and his relationship with me. I thought it was important to do.
Your grandfather continued to live at Graceland even after your father died. Do you have memories of him, and what it was like having him around so much?

My great-grandmother, my grandfather and my aunt lived there. My aunt Delta was the last one to survive. They lived there for as long as they were alive, and it was great. I would still go back and stay with them.

Were they pretty positive? Did they have a lot of positive energy while you were there?

My family? (laughs) My Aunt Delta used to call me a “little son of a bitch” all the time, so I don’t know if you want to call that positive. (laughs) In a funny way, like, “Get over here, you little son of a bitch!” She was a character. They were all such characters, but there was a lot of love. My great-grandmother would sit with her snuff stick in her mouth, dipping! (laughs)

I understand you still go to Graceland with your family sometimes. What’s a typical day for you when you’re there?

My family is still there, who I am really close with, so we’ll all go up after-hours and have dinner. Or I’ll go to their house, or they’ll come to my house. We spend as much time as we can together. I’ve been there a lot this year, so it’s been good.

Is there stuff in the kitchen cabinets?

Yes! There’s stuff everywhere. Oh, my God, there’s so much stuff. If you open drawers, there’s stuff. I like it.

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Lisa Marie Presley Shares Graceland Memories
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