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A real love story! 6th Anniversary
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 Lisa marie's tours 2013

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PostSubject: Re: Lisa marie's tours 2013   Lisa marie's tours 2013 - Page 2 EmptyFri Sep 06, 2013 6:29 am

SALMA64 wrote:
Oh sorry lol! lol! 

Don't worry Salma, any person could confuse. I know about her on twitter for our page.

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PostSubject: Re: Lisa marie's tours 2013   Lisa marie's tours 2013 - Page 2 EmptyFri Sep 06, 2013 6:45 am

Karen Faye supports Lisa Marie's tour.

Karen Faye ‏@wingheart
(((Big hugs))) your show rocks.  RT @LisaPresley: New Tour date added for Sept 14th - Ft. Worth, TX (cont) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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PostSubject: Re: Lisa marie's tours 2013   Lisa marie's tours 2013 - Page 2 EmptyFri Sep 06, 2013 1:47 pm

many fans hate Karen Lisa support ... is ridiculous
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PostSubject: Re: Lisa marie's tours 2013   Lisa marie's tours 2013 - Page 2 EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 1:55 am

Catching Up with Lisa Marie Presley: A Q&A

It was a perfectly lovely Saturday. The sun was shining proudly and the wind blew softly at the 61st Annual Sausalito Art Festival. My father and I left Sacramento early anticipating traffic. With only an hour added to our traveling time due to the Bay Bridge being closed, we arrived to the Festival with plenty of time to spare.

I must admit that the primary reason that I decided to attend the event was because of the festival’s royal headliner, Lisa Marie Presley. Who could pass up the opportunity to experience a performance by a woman whose history is so deep that it’s matched only by the prideful Pacific Ocean, which served as the backdrop to festival’s main stage?

We had a couple hours to wander prior to Presley’s performance so we pondered pieces by artists from all over the country. We browsed exhibits featuring photography, painting, sculpture, jewelry and more. The attendees all contributed to a beautiful community feel, adorned with stylishly yet casual attire often topped with floppy Labor Day weekend hats and accessorized with ribbon and flowers.

The event’s vendors offered gourmet favorites including potato croquettes, dim sum, fresh seafood and of course a vast selection of local wine. Boats and canoes drifted to the waters edge to enjoy the party like atmosphere while simultaneously adding to the picturesque setting.

As the time drew near to Presley’s appearance, a crowd began to gravitate to the front of the stage though a group of photographers and fans claimed their stations earlier on. The band prepared as the crowd grew restless with excitement to catch a glimpse of Presley, whose presence had been felt all day long.

Presley took to the stage wearing a royal blue full length dress showing off her slim figure. Her full hair was perfectly quaffed and her eyes covered with traditional aviator glasses that shielded her soulful eyes from the sharp sunlight. Presley’s first song was almost forgotten due to the crowds needed time to accept the stunning vision. Security wove through the audience discouraging photography to the disappointment of many, however it gave everyone the opportunity to focus on the show and catch the subtleties of the performance.

Presley’s unique sounds clearly set her apart from her father’s musical style. This came to a surprise to many who hadn’t followed the development of her music career. The band stuck to upbeat songs to complement the energy of the crowd. Presley graciously thanked the listeners for coming and departed the stage with a solid staff and security that led her and her family back to a private tented area.

I met with Presley shortly after her performance in her private room under a highly guarded tent. Christy, her kind assistant escorted me to the area that brought me only a few moments from greeting her. I must admit that I began to get quite nervous. The tent flap opened and I was welcomed into see Lisa Marie Presley, now with her sun glasses off, sitting alone at an empty table awaiting only me.

I reached out my hand and introduced myself; she shook it softly and offered me a seat next to her. It took me a moment to feel comfortable to look directly at her. Her iconic features were focused on me and it was almost too much to handle, luckily I was able to communicate without stumbling over words or fidgeting too much.

I hope you enjoy our brief Q & A:

Q: What makes you happy in your free time?

A: Gardening, cooking, plain simple types of things, meeting friends for a drink and even just going for a walk makes me happy. My family is very important to me.

Q: Being an advocate for civil rights, who taught you compassion?

A: I think you just kind of have it but being a mom has really opened my eyes more. I’ve always been very passionate about what I believe, no matter what. I don’t know if it’s hereditary but my father was very charitable and so is my mother. Right now I am working with World Vision that provides food, water and shelter to children in third world countries. I like to help children because they can’t help themselves. My mom is more about animals but I’m about the children. Moms a dog person and I’m more of a crazy cat lady. (she laughs)

Q: If you were to record one of your father’s songs, which one would it be?

A: I have recorded 3 but as duets. It’s kind of like a Natalie and Nat King Cole thing. I get nervous about this because I don’t sing like him, I never said I could. I would never try to take one of his songs but I don’t mind singing harmony with him.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A: Hopefully not in a casket.

Q: Does that often cross your mind?

A: Always, doesn’t it cross yours? I guess I think about it because it happened to me so young. It’s always on my mind and I think about my kids and I can’t do that to them.

Q: Being a child of fame, how has that allowed you to prepare your children for the same type of life?

A: I don’t expose them to the limelight. I understand that some people think it’s fun to watch these children grow up and watch what they wear and what they do. I don’t think that’s fair to them. I want my children to think about their choices. I also make sure that my children live in normalcy. My parents did it with me. We have spurts of this type of stuff. That’s how I kept somewhat of my sanity.

We ended our quick Q & A with a couple pictures and Presley admits, “I hope that I didn’t bore you.” She needed not to worry; there was no possible way that I would be bored in her presence. You may pick up a copy of Presley’s newest CD, “Storm & Grace” today!

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PostSubject: Re: Lisa marie's tours 2013   Lisa marie's tours 2013 - Page 2 EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 2:34 am

Bluebird Theater presents Presley

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September 6, 2013
She comes from a very talented set of parents. She was a star the day she was born. With both her parents being in the media almost on a every other day how could she not fall into the entertainment world one way or another. Elvis and Priscilla Presley produced a very beautiful and talented young lady. Lisa Marie Presley followed in their footsteps and started at a young age being in commercials and singing. She became the sole heir to the Elvis estate and owner of Graceland. Now she is 45 and has a family of her own and she is happy and enjoying life.

Lisa Marie Presley took the stage last night at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado for a very intimate concert. With maybe 100 people in attendance, she performed for a little over an hour. Though her voice is a little rough her stage presence is awesome. She has a unique following and she is not the type to perform in large stage presence. Lisa's set last night was a reminder that she is her own person and is not one of the over bearing performers that makes large demands and does not care about her fans.

Lisa Marie Presley held a little meet and greet for fans last night and is just a genuine down to earth lady. The only demand she made is that she is a little sensitive to stage lights so she asks that these be turned down. Other than that you saw a great entertainer who is happy doing what she does in life and rewards her fans for it and creates a great intimate concert.

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PostSubject: Re: Lisa marie's tours 2013   Lisa marie's tours 2013 - Page 2 EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 2:56 am

The Hottest Live Photos of 2013

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PostSubject: Re: Lisa marie's tours 2013   Lisa marie's tours 2013 - Page 2 EmptyMon Sep 09, 2013 9:50 pm

Lisa Marie Presley: 'Don't Cry, Daddy'
Posted: 09/09/2013 7:06 am

Lisa Marie Presley is in the building. And hopefully she'll be somewhere near you soon as she continues the third leg of her "Storm & Grace" tour across North America, which is scheduled to wind up Nov. 24 in Vermont.

The "Lights Out" singer's father -- Elvis (maybe you've heard of him) -- must be looking down from heaven with a smile on his face. His only child is doing just fine, settled into a blissful marriage, happily raising her four-year-old twin girls with her musician husband, Michael Lockwood; keeping close to her grown children -- 24-year-old Riley Keough and 21-year-old Benjamin Keough -- and, of course, sharing quality time with her mother, Priscilla.

Lisa Marie spoke with The Huffington Post to talk about... everything we wanted to ask. Great sport! Honest! We love that! We've included some links to her videos below (so worth watching!).

How old were you when you first realized you wanted to be a recording artist and a songwriter?

I always loved singing and writing poetry. I always loved music, and I've loved writing my whole life. When I put them together it was probably in my early 20s, where I put words to music for the first time.

You began your music career officially 10 years ago with your first album "To Whom It May Concern." What motivated you to make that album when you were 35?

I don't know. I'm a writer... I was always writing music anyway. I just sort of fell into it. Writing for me is a therapeutic process. I waited for my children to be older. It wasn't a priority particularly for me before that.

Your second album in 2005 "Now What" was also a success. Both albums were certified platinum which is a huge deal. How did that feel?

Really, really great. It's so hard now in music. It's hard to gage what is happening and what means what anymore but I've very proud of those records.

Your third album "Storm & Grace" came out in May, 2012. I love your Storm & Grace video because it's a little window into your life which was really cool to watch. In the video you said you took a seven year break because you went through different degrees of shedding skin, shedding people and situations. Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

I just went through my own sort of rude awakening wake-up call a few years ago about who I was surrounded with and what I was surrounded by. So, I was just in a cesspool of deceit. It was ridiculous stuff. It's such a cliché to have celebrities surrounded by an entourage but I did, at one point, have that - a million employees and staff. They were trying to pretend like they were there for me and rooting for me and had my back and they were part of my family and part of my team... and they were really not, in any way. That's one thing, if you go for a really long time thinking that you have stability somewhere and you don't have it anymore, it's pretty alarming. So I think if you really trust in something or someone for a really long time and you find out they are not what you thought, then it is really heartbreaking. I guess everybody goes through that.

Also in that video, you explain your motivation for writing songs for your album. You said you moved to England where you felt free to write, to find out who you were for the first time as an artist and a songwriter. How did that play out for you?

I just started out like I normally do which is I just sat there and wrote. I've been writing songs for so long but I think at that point where we had just gotten rid of everybody. We were literally at ground zero. So we just moved very far away. I needed some air. I needed to figure out who was who, what was what from this circus in this nest that I was uncovering going on around me.

I just started from ground zero again writing. My normal process but without any kind of agenda: 'Are you going to get hits, are you going to get radio songs, or are you going to do this or that.' It was more: 'Let's just see what happens.' My husband was trying to get me with these different people. He's a huge fan of the English music scene. It was experimental to see what would happen. And sure enough, after a while, it started heading in this organic, simple place which is kind of where I was in my life as well.

So you feel comfortable in your own skin as an artist now?

Yes, definitely.

Your four-year-old twin girls are absolutely adorable. How is your life now having little ones by your side given that you have to manage this busy tour schedule?

It's going well. We actually get to spend quite a lot of time with them while we're on tour. They're with me and I get to take them to all these different places. And every day they love waking up in a new place. Wherever we are, if we have a day off, we get to take them out all day and show them around somewhere. Or if we don't, we find something for them to do while we're doing the show. The only time that can get tiring sometimes is for instance we did a four-day run, and we came back for a two-day break, and yesterday I just stayed in my room all day. That's what bothers me, and I feel guilty. I know that I need to sleep but then I feel like, 'Oh God, I need to get them.' I can hear them and I feel really guilty having to take time to sleep, but I just need to rest for like a day sometimes. I'll hibernate myself to catch up on my sleep, but I feel guilty. It's juggling but I don't mind it. It's good juggling. It's all good stuff.

Your husband is your musical director and guitar player in your band. Is he a good daddy?

He's the most incredible, patient, amazing father ever! That helps me out a lot. He's really super patient which is great because he's got all these great things that I don't have. (Laughs)

You shot your video for "Weary" in Sun Studio in Memphis which is where your father made his first recording six decades ago. Did you get goose bumps being there... or feel his presence or his spirit?

Well, I mean honestly, it's not that I don't believe in that stuff but I do, but I was working that day. For me, I can't think like that when I'm working. I would love to have an amazing story for you but truly I was focused on the fact that we were [working] pretty raw in this room. No sounds, no bells or whistles. I was focused on technicalities while I was in there so I couldn't actually take a moment, but I did look around and it was pretty mind-blowing when I saw all the people on the wall who has recorded there, including my father as well.

What music did you listen to growing up?

So many... probably Elton John, Heart, Linda Ronstadt. I was a fan of everything then. The Bee Gees... the disco thing came in. I also listened to a lot of country music: Patsy Cline, Tanya Tucker, Barbara Mandrell, Alabama, Lee Greenwood, Johnny Cash.

And Elvis Presley?

Yeah I did, definitely.

Do your oldest children, Riley and Benjamin, listen to your music? My grown kids never ask me who I'm interviewing, never take an interest in my work, and it kind of hurts my feelings.

Yep, I know, they get like that. (Laughs) Like the other night, Riley came to the show, and she had to go right after the show. She said, 'That was good, mom, I gotta go.' (Laughs) I was like, 'OK, great!' There's always something pressing. They always have something pressing going on at that age -- like late teens, early 20s. They cannot be bothered with you.

What about your son?

He loves to be part of it. He loves touring. It's on his time frame. Always. Then when he's ready to see me, he'll come. It ebbs and flows, but they are very supportive. They just have pressing matters now with their own lives. (Laughs)

I saw your Oprah interview with Riley from 2007. Riley is such a nice young lady! You obviously did a great job raising your children. They don't act out. There's no controversial behavior with them.

No, there's not. [A tabloid] is trying to turn Riley into like some crazy, wild child. I'm just like: you're nuts. It's the three of us. Between me and my mother and Riley, I think either my mom or I would get the stamp of 'wilder.' (Laughs) We were all giggling because I think it's such a silly story about Riley being so wild. Riley is not wild or out of control. Riley is in better shape than I have ever been in my whole life. I go to Riley for advice. It was funny that you said that because the tabloid was trying to make it like she's so wild and crazy. I'm sitting there going, 'No, actually she kind of keeps me together.' (Laughs)

Miley Cyrus' performance recently on the VMAs with Robin Thicke was a bit risqué. If your daughter had been on stage gyrating like that, would there have been words between you or would you have chalked it up to youth and artistic license?

I don't know what I would do with that. I don't really know what that was all about. I guess if I understood what that was all about, maybe I could try to understand it but I didn't quite get it. We all had the same reaction I think everybody had. (Laughs) I was actually watching it with my kids and we were all like: 'Whoa!' We all had the same reaction which I was happy about. I don't know what I would do, really. It would depend on what was the purpose of that. Did you actually have a purpose there? Did you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish? What are you trying to do here? Because there's a responsibility with that sort of thing. You can use it for good or you can use it to freak people out, whatever you want to do, but I would try to lean towards trying to use it for good and not just for shock value. What would be your point? With my kids, I would kind of try to understand what that was all about. If they could explain it to me in such a way that I would understand, then I would support them, but, again, I always try to be conscious of the message over all to others.

This world is so screwed up as it is. There's too many crazy things out there. It [would be] nice to have someone to look up to that is stabilizing for kids these days. I just think now in our civilization the way we are in our culture, it's a little bit of a case of 'too much too soon,' going on with everybody. Even in the reality world of TV. You don't have to do anything now. You don't have to have any talent. You can become a celebrity no matter what. It's too much too soon, everything now, instant gratification.

I came across a video -- "Don't Cry Daddy" -- a duet with Elvis that you did in a concert which marked the 20th anniversary of your father's death. I was bowled over by that video!

It was a last-minute idea that I had one year. I called David Foster who did the Natalie/Nat King Cole duet. And then I just started this little tradition where I did "In the Ghetto" (30th anniversary) and five years later (2012) I did "I Love You Because" (35th anniversary). It was a tradition for the fans. It's all for the fans. I haven't released anything to the public. We always gather in Memphis every five years. I'm always there so I try to do something for them.

What a wonderful tribute from you to your father and his fans. I watched "I Love You Because" also and enjoyed the vintage videos and pictures. It's very nostalgic to watch your video duets with Elvis. What is your favorite memory with your mom and dad together?

With them together? I don't recall a lot of them together. I have a few with them together. I was with them mostly separately. The things I remember the most is that my room and his room are on the top floor of Graceland. So he kind of would set up an area for him to stay in my room and watch TV just to be near me, and I got to spend a lot of time with him alone up there which is sort of what I hold dear in my memories. It was like doing crazy things in the middle of the night, like taking me to the pet store getting me a dog... and then getting 50 other people a dog.

I really liked the times when I was alone with him. I got to spend a lot of time with him up there... I was always upstairs. I would kind of tip-toe by his room and try not to let him see me if I was up to something I shouldn't be up to. (Laughs) If he had his door open and he was sitting up there, I would always try to sneak by as I was always in trouble or up to something. He would call my name out if he saw me out of the corner of his eye, and I would go into his room trembling because I was always up to something or I had broken something or I had done something that I shouldn't. Always. (Laughs)

And how did he react to your little child-like misdemeanors?

The only time he got upset with me is if I were going to hurt myself. He told me one time to not get on a motorcycle with my friend. He said, 'I don't ever want to hear that you were on a motorcycle with her.' While he was sleeping, I got on the motorcycle and somehow, as fate would have it, we had an accident and it fell on my leg. The muffler landed on my leg so I had a blister and he saw it. I got a pretty good spanking on that one because I hurt myself. It was only if I put myself in danger that I saw him upset. He wouldn't get upset easily but if I hurt myself, then he'd get mad at me.

You were nine when he passed away.


Everybody remembers where they were when they heard Elvis had died.

I was right there. I was upstairs. I don't normally like to give the details, but I was there.

I was looking at some of your tweets and I'm so impressed that you answer tweets from your fans. That's a classy thing for you to do, as busy as you are, to take the time to respond to your fans. Your fans must mean a lot to you.

Yes, they definitely mean a lot to me! They are the reason I do what I do. I know what I'm up against. I know [who] I'm compared to and I have to prove a lot. But these people come to me with these stories that are incredible so they keep me going. Like 'You saved my live,' or 'This song got me through cancer or a death.' I hear their stories and they keep me going. Otherwise I don't know if I could do what I do. It makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing.

You posted an Easter picture of your family. Was that your four kids, your mom and you?


I had never seen a picture of your son, Ben. He looks a lot like your dad, don't you think?

I think so. Sometimes a lot. It depends how he's fixing himself up. Yeah, without question actually.

Does he sing?

He's doing his own thing right now. I'm going to let him decide when he wants to go out and do what he wants to do.

You're quite the children's advocate. You have the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation, Presley Place which provides homeless families up to one year of rent-free housing. You've teamed up with World Vision to encourage people to sponsor children in third-world countries. You must have a special place in your heart for children in need.

I really do. I think having kids just makes you want to do things to help people. You have children and you see how fragile and innocent and helpless they are when they first start out. If they are going to be a victim of whatever they are surrounded by, I just do everything I can to try to make whatever change I can. I want to go next year and do volunteer work, in the field somewhere. We have aligned ourselves with World Vision while I'm doing this tour so that I can help encourage sponsorship for children in third-world countries all over the world to get them all the necessities that they need... food, water, shelter, school books, clothes. I'm one of those people that if I hear about something happening, I go crazy. I want to go help.

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Princess Presley Takes Reins in Aspen

Famous for being the princess of rock ‘n’ roll who was married to the prince of pop, Lisa Marie Presley apparently has a musical career. With all that surrounds this woman who grew up in the limelight, it’s easy to forget she is a musician, or maybe you didn’t know that until right now.

She has released three albums since she became a musician in 2003. This, of course, followed her upbringing at Graceland as the daughter of Elvis Presley and her divorce from Michael Jackson, the pop superstar.

She doesn’t give many interviews but when she does, they are to the likes of Rolling Stone or Oprah. The major media outlets have not been as interested in her music as they have been in the people she has known. This long list includes a short stint in her life when she was married to Nicolas Cage.

Her website and the media would like to paint her as a simple southern girl. That might be a stretch considering the fact that she grew up draped in velvet and rhinestones at a little place called Graceland.

That said, her father always believed she was a natural performer and said he caught her singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror at the age of 3. She isn’t a little girl anymore, and her last memory of her father would have been when she was 9, but that doesn’t stop her from chasing dreams of microphones and stages. Presley is playing the Belly Up tonight, Friday, Sept. 6.

The Memphis-born musician would like to reclaim those same roots of her past on her most recent album “Storm and Grace,” which came out in 2012.

This album comes from a more folky side of her that she didn’t feel she was able to display in her previous albums. She says on her website about those albums, “I was angry at all that I was potentially up against, all the expectations and I was puffing myself up as a protective mechanism. At the same time, I was being pushed by the team around me to be a pop star and to do all these crazy things that I really didn’t want to do.”

In 2010, she moved to the English countryside with her now-husband and twin daughters to try to get out of the turmoil that had surrounded her life.

“There were a few years there where everything around me had fallen apart,” says Presley on the website. “All the things that had become my foundation were gone and I had to shed a lot of skin. I found myself really vulnerable afterward and that’s what birthed the album’s vibe. It’s me without any attitude or anger at a time of rediscovery.”

One of the main events that changed her was the death of Michael Jackson, which brought her heavily into the spotlight again. When she made this album, she really went for her own sound by creating a confessional musical declaration.

“There was no agenda,” says Presley. “I wasn’t trying to write a hit or to please any particular audience. I was just enjoying the process of being creative with great people who really love music.”

With "Storm and Grace," Presley has connected with an audience, and in her mind that has made everything worthwhile.

“I’m compelled to do this because I’m a music lover and I feel that music is so important in the world. That’s what drives me, pouring your heart and soul into something and hoping that it can change someone’s life in some way,” says Presley. “I’m looking forward to performing live and interacting with people who are there for the music and nothing else. Getting that instant reaction is the best part.”

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Lisa Marie Presley ‏@LisaPresley
@TheTalk_CBS  LMP on The Talk - September 13 - Interview & Performance! Airtime: 2pm ET / 1pm PT, CT on CBS.

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PostSubject: Re: Lisa marie's tours 2013   Lisa marie's tours 2013 - Page 2 EmptyThu Sep 12, 2013 5:28 pm

Lisa Marie Presley talks about upcoming Fort Worth show

Lisa Marie Presley has several Fort Worth connections. Her latest album, Storm & Grace, was produced by T Bone Burnett. Elvis at 21, an exhibit featuring her famous father in photos taken long before she was born, just concluded a run at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Perhaps most notably, the Lisa Marie, the private Convair 880 jet that Elvis named for his daughter, was refurbished to his design requirements at Fort Worth’s Meacham Field.

But it’s mere coincidence that Presley’s show Saturday night at Queen City Music Hall was a late addition to a previously announced tour that’s taking her through small halls and festivals coast to coast, including a Sept. 21 show in her birthplace of Memphis, a city forever connected with her father.

“The music’s very intimate,” Presley says, adding with a bit of a chuckle, “It’s not for a stadium — I couldn’t even imagine that. For me, I’m more comfortable in this sort of venues. I love theaters, clubs, those kinds of venues. I think they work well with the tone of the music.” (During this tour, Presley is also working with World Vision, a charity dedicated to fighting childhood poverty and hunger around the world, and pamphlets with information about sponsoring children will be available).

There will always be Elvis connections, but this show is very much about Lisa Marie and her voice — a smoky, blues-inflected instrument used to good effect on the aptly titled Storm and Grace, her first album in seven years and one that has moments of stormy toughness and graceful beauty.

“I had gone through a lot,” Presley says in a phone interview. “I think my first two records, I was kind of finding my way and needing to grow, but I had to kind of do it in front of everybody. There was always a question of where to market me. I think there was a push to get me into pop under previous associations, and that didn’t really work out, because that wasn’t where my heart was.”

Presley, now 44, made her recording debut in 2003 with To Whom it May Concern, but says she was writing in a variety of forms — poetry, short stories and songs — long before that. She says she’s always considered herself a singer-songwriter, and she loves performing, but she needed the long break between 2005’s Now What and Storm & Grace, released in 2012.

“Everything around me kind of went up in flames,” Presley says. “My stability, all the things I was surrounded by, went away. I opened my eyes and realized that things weren’t always as they appeared. I was in a very toxic situation and got rid of everything and everyone, including my last record company, and moved as far away as I could because I wanted the freedom to see what would happen.”

Presley went to England (she still splits her time between there and L.A.), writing some 30 songs there, working with such writers as Richard Hawley of alternative-pop group Pulp and eclectic musician Ed Harcourt. She had wanted to work with Burnett, who was impressed enough with the demos to produce the album, skewing toward its rootsier material more than the poppier songs Presley had co-written.

“He responded immediately, which I was overjoyed with, because I felt like my light was going out,” Presley says. “When he agreed to take on the project, it sort of resurrected my flame. I had more confidence and I was really thankful that he believed in me and took me under his wing a little bit. Actually, a lot.”

It wasn’t all about writing and recording. During the seven-year gap between albums, Presley married Michael Lockwood, a guitarist who played on both Now What (on which he co-wrote songs) and Storm & Grace. She gave birth to twins, Harper and Finley, in October 2008. (She has two adult children, Riley and Benjamin Keough, by first husband Danny Keough.)

She was also famously married to Michael Jackson and to actor Nicolas Cage, and while she talks about shedding parts of her life, things like these high-profile marriages and her famous parents will always stick to her (Elvis and her mother, actress Priscilla Presley, divorced when Lisa Marie was 4 years old, and she spent time at both of their homes — including Graceland, where she was staying when her father died when she was 9 years old). But she’s standing on her own voice while doing the best work of her career.

“I wouldn’t say [my life’s] been turbulent,” she says. “It’s been interesting. It’s different, but I wasn’t born into a normal situation anyway. I didn’t live normally, I wasn’t raised normally, I wasn’t raised by normal standards. I’m very strong, but everyone has their moment where they can break. Life can kick you pretty hard. But I’ve had my share of hits, and I think this record captures that as well.”

Presley understands that there are some people who want to see her because of her father, and says that there’s often a faction that came for her and another that came because of him. The blend tends to differ depending on the city, and she adds that she has a fairly big gay following as well. But Presley’s tour has taken her to places where her father played, and at some of them, his shadow is larger than at others.

“At the Grand Ole Opry, when I played there, there was a shadow for sure,” she says. “I was really intimated by it the most, because he’d played there and was told not to come back a long time ago. That I was the next Presley that was on that stage was a lot to take on.”

Because of her father’s legacy, she had some hesitation about taking on her own recording career. But music has been too important to her, so she found her own path.

“Music has saved my life so many times,” she says. “If I could help people and do something productive with it, it’s in my heart and it’s what I feel and what I love doing the most, whether I was a kid writing or when I was in my 20s and started writing music. … I meet people after the show, and they tell me what songs have done, how they’ve changed them, gotten them through something — that’s pretty much what feeds me.”

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Lisa Marie Grows Up.

Lisa Marie Presley really doesn’t need an introduction. Most people know she’s the only daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. She’s also been releasing music of her own since 2002. Grammy award winner T-Bone Burnett (“O Brother, Where Art Thou,” Elvis Costello and others) produced her third album, “Storm and Grace.” Those who think they are familiar with her brand of pop/rock may want to rethink their position when they hear this stark, rootsy collection.

I spoke by phone with Presley, 45, about her new music, her current tour and, of course, family.

How did the songwriting for “Storm and Grace” happen?

I’ve worked with several different people, but everything really started coming together when I was working with Richard Hawley (of Pulp) in Harcourt. Most of the songs are written with that collaboration. We started getting into a groove 
writing together.

This album is complete departure from your previous work. Was that a conscious decision?

It came really naturally. It was not contrived. It started to really come on its own. I started with the song “Weary.” It was really hard for me, because it was broken down and stripped back, and I was used to all this production on my first two albums. This was very naked for me. I was very uncomfortable with that in the past. It started with the demos, and I sent them to T-Bone. I don’t think he would have responded to the harder material. He seemed to like the more natural, organic stuff. He came in and put all the icing on the cake.

What was it like to work with T-Bone?

I had 30-something songs, and he had them all in his computer. We would come in every day, and we’d listen, and he’d decide to do a particular one. The room was all set up, and we’d record everything live. He would come out and play, and we’d be so thrilled. We never knew what he might do because he’s very last-minute, and you couldn’t pin him down. He also has this aura about him, so nobody wanted to mess with him, but he’s the sweetest teddy bear that ever walked the planet. He’s so sweet. I had this paternal thing with him. He really took me under his wing and really believed in me. I was so grateful.

Tell me about the song “How Do You Fly This Plane?”

That was written for a friend of mine that had lost their child. It was hard for me to watch them going through that, and I was kind of part of that process. It was really scary because once I’d recorded it, I sent it to them, and they asked me if I would make sure it gets put on the record. They wanted to make sure it got on there in case it might help someone else going through something like that.

How is the new material translating to live audiences?

It goes well live. It’s a little more rocking live, a little more energized. The first half of the show is mostly acoustic and very mellow. Toward the end, we ramp it up, and the last four or five songs are very high energy. This record is so different for me because it’s not a rock record, so I’m not running all over the stage like a crazy person the entire time trying to compete with all the instruments. The newer material is more laid back, and I’ve noticed that people really sit and listen.

You’re working with World Vision for this tour. How did you get involved with them?

Anyone that knows me knows that I have always been involved with charities involving children. I’ve always been active in that department. Somehow, through mutual connections, we got introduced. I was really impressed with everything they do.

No one really knows how big they are and how they help children all over the world in these third-world countries. You can donate $35 a month and basically save a child’s life. They really allow people to get involved with these children and their families. I decided to use this tour as a way to encourage people to get involved so there will be a table set up at each show.

As a new mother of twins, what is like to be on tour and to be a parent?

It’s one of those things. We get up, we have a nice hotel room, I give them a bath. If there’s a pool, they play. Otherwise, they’re on the bus. I’ll do sound check and go back and make sure they’re safe in time for the show. After the show, I make sure they have pajamas on and ready for bed.

They don’t really care about the whole “show business” part of it. The other day we had a gig where we were outside, so it was kind of like we were camping and they were having fun just running around. The main thing is that I make sure they’re always safe. It’s definitely a juggle, but it’s fun.

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Concert Review: Lisa Marie Presley In Gruene Hall

Lisa Marie Presley impressed me, to say the very least. I checked her out at Gruene Hall near New Braunfels, Texas, as part of her Storm & Grace Tour. She delivered to a great audience and put the name of the Americana genre right on top of all the others.

Walking into the venue, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Before the concert, I would not be able to tell you that I was a Lisa Marie fan. I’d seen her perform on television a few times, but that was about it. I think I only had one of her songs. I didn’t know much about her except the fact that she is the daughter of the king of rock, Elvis Presley, and that she was once married to the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Fortunately, those are not the first two things that pop into my mind after tonight. When I hear Lisa Marie Presley as of right now, I think soothing vocals, pleasant personality, and infectious performance skills.

Yes, this is everything that I did not think she would be. I spent a lot of time reading reviews from her tour before attending a concert myself. Most of them were positive, but I did notice that some criticized her stage presence and described her as a very nervous, intimidated daughter of a legend.

Sure, she is overshadowed by the fact that her father was one of the most iconic figures in music. This is a shame because she is very underrated as an artist. She definitely inherited her father’s musical ability.

The show opened with one of the longest intros ever, which eventually lead to “So Long” from her latest album, Storm & Grace. By the way, she really intends to promote this album as most of the songs performed were from it.

Quickly after the song, she put on a quick smile – which immediately removed that image I had of her being the most incredibly depressed-looking celebrity in the world. And, she greeted Texas.

“Texas! Best crowd so far – you’re kicking everyone’s asses.”

Something good was cooking up. She continued with more songs from her latest effort including “Over Me” and “Storm of Nails.” Followed by “Weary” and the first single off her album, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.” The crowd actually knew some of the words to the latter of the two.

This is the best part of the show. She slowed things down, sat down, and performed four songs acoustically. “Just A Dream” which is featured on the deluxe version of the album, “People,” featured on the soundtrack to the latest season of The Walking Dead (she said that this was not normally on the set list but kept complimenting the South Texas crowd and performed it for them), and then “Idiot.”

Now, there are rumors everywhere that, that last song was written about Michael Jackson when she divorced him after a failed, one-year marriage. She smartly decided to introduce the song by stating the following:

“This is the meanest song I’ve ever written. Everyone likes it because it’s so mean. It’s from the second record. And, just so you know, this song is about someone who is alive and well and … still an idiot.”

I was wanting this song to be performed like in the studio-version. (This is the song I knew before I saw her). However, she continued the acoustic session with this song.

Just to add it in there, she mentioned that it was the unlucky day.

“It’s Friday the 13th. It looks like the perfect setting here. I should have worn a Jason mask in here tonight.”

She got up and got it going good for the “rowdy” Texas crowd. She performed fan-favorite “Lights Out” and a rearranged “S.O.B.” But then, she went back to the darker songs.

“Soften The Blows” is her favorite song from the new album, despite the fact that it is the more slow and saddest one. This one sounded amazing live and showcased what her vocals really sound like. It emphasized the Americana, folk-rock sounds that come in her new album.

She then ended her set with two extremely good rock songs. “Unbreak” and “Sticks & Stones” were loud and woke everyone up from the calmness of some of the other songs. Her guitarist, or should I say her husband, Michael Lockwood, killed it on the guitar with a great solo in one of the two songs.

Her other musicians were also on point. They know what they are doing and do it well. I can’t remember the names, but there was someone on a violin, someone on bass, someone on a keyboard, and, of course, drums.

The encore happened fast. She covered Tom Petty’s “I Need To Know.”

Now, here’s some other things that caught my attention.

First of all, this should be applauded. Apart from touring to promote her music, she joined forces with World Vision. It is a non-profit organization that helps children in 3rd world countries. Mainly providing the basics of life – such as water, clothing, shelter, and food.

Now, let’s talk about the audience. Gruene Hall is your old-school, country saloon kind of venue. It is a pretty cool place. The show was sold-out and most of the crowd consisted of middle-aged to really grown-up adults. I felt like I didn’t’ belong there, but nonetheless everyone enjoyed her set.

Overall, I’m glad I attended and have a different opinion on the daughter of the king. She’s talented and her transition from a “rockstar” to this mature, professional woman was perfect. Her new album is definitely recommended and I’ll definitely be checking her out again if she ever comes to this side of the country.

After all, we were the “best crowd in the tour” so far.


“So Long”
“Over Me”
“Storm Of Nails”
“You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”
“Just A Dream”
“Storm & Grace”
“Lights Out”
“Soften The Blows”
“Sticks & Stones”
“I Need To Know” (Tom Petty cover)

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Lisa Marie Presley Dosey Doe September 15, 2013

Lisa Marie Presley’s entourage arrived in two giant gleaming buses on Sunday afternoon. People, already waiting in spontaneously arranged, purposeless lines, swapped stories about their Elvis memorabilia in idle attempt to one-up each other on some bizarreness scale. Most devote spare bedrooms to their King; people who commission textiles bearing His likeness seem to win these contests.

No conversation, it seems, is complete without a reference to His gospel recordings or his unrivaled love for his mother.

Lisa Marie does not tour frequently, so each show brings out the variety of freaks, superfans, weirdos, and the amiably curious befitting her immeasurable fame. Sunday’s crowd reminded me of Hank 3’s earliest club shows — awkward loners with Sharpies and 12” vinyl LPs queued next to tattoos and TCB necklaces. Scenesters in black T-shirts stood in line with bikers, lawyers, energy traders and — my favorite — very old couples in big, shiny Buicks and Cadillacs. They all came out to pay some sort of tribute to something they believe she represents.

Inside, the stage was set much like it usually would be at a Dosey Doe show, with a steel guitar, a dulcimer and a fiddle on either side of a three-piece drum kit. Rolling cabinets filled with the best guitars Gruhn’s sells stood next to an electric standup bass and a second drum kit incredibly similar to setups I’ve seen from Jane’s Addiction and the Butthole Surfers. Multiple vintage electric organs doubled the bass much like Presley’s two guitarists shared leads throughout.

Once the show started, it became immediately apparent that T-Bone Burnett, who produced Lisa Marie’s latest album Storm and Grace, was the giant unseen presence in the room. Elvis was not. The newer, stronger material is not necessarily structurally different from the first single from her first album but it’s a major departure from her second, poppier record. With Burnett on board, she’s really onto something.

And if that previous album was all a product of Los Angeles, aiming to compete artistically if not commercially with the upbeat pop of people like Pink or Avril Lavigne, then this one is all Nashville. The songs on Storm and Grace come washed in the soul of purposeful guitars of every sort: steel, electric, and acoustic, with dulcimers, fiddles, and keys, this record is full of both mournful moods and defiant, triumphant characters besting their painful situations.

Very thin, and very pretty, Presley had frown lines and seemed to smile only briefly (if not infrequently), and not without great effort. The lyrics to her songs go a long way towards explaining all that pathos. As Kris Kristofferson once told me, there is sadness in every life, and seemingly all of Lisa Marie’s sadnesses have been made public.

That can’t make them any easier, but it can make for great art. Even though she unintentionally uttered a richly timbered, baritone “Thank you very much,” Presley didn’t even speak with a Southern accent. If she were simply riding coattails, keep in mind that she’d either be appearing in slapstick comedies, singing two-minute rockabilly tunes, or doing epic versions of gospel standards.

Instead, in charting her own course, her career has not been without missteps. But on Storm and Grace, producer Burnett places her in the sweet spot of his modernist Southern-gothic charm of his other recordings such as Robert Plant and Allison Krauss’ Raising Sand. I can’t imagine this album sounding very much different on CD, vinyl, or live in a club if it were recorded by Jack White; that’s how spare and earnest these 15 songs are.

In fact, the most unexpected bright spots of the live performance came when Presley repurposed songs from her first two albums. Presenting those songs in her newfound format gave them life and context I’d missed before.

I’ve been told Presley turned down larger Inner-Loop venues offering far higher financial guarantees, opting instead for a smaller venue with impeccable audio and a guaranteed sold-out room. Harold Rubins designed the acoustics and Michael Ford rebuilt the Dosey Doe’s Big Barn from a salvaged 1800s tobacco barn, and the hardwood floors were rescued from the tear-down of the old Galveston Fan Company in the Heights. The result approaches acoustic perfection, and it’s the reason touring artists eschew Houston’s larger venues in favor of the Big Barn in The Woodlands.

The highlight of the night came when Presley took up a pair of long mallets and began blisteringly playing that second drumset during the “Unbreak” passage, following it with her boldest autobiographical work, “Sticks and Stones.” Never picking up that tambourine again the rest of the night, she pounded the drums as the band reached their climax, sustained it for four solid songs, and left on a high note.

For a sold-out crowd, few sang along with every word of every song. Many sang along with the choruses or at least the title lyric. But by the end of the night everyone had bought at least one if not several copies of Presley’s new album — converts vowing to each other and to the artist to spread the gospel of this young royal who had earned the right to trade on her name.

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Lisa Marie Presley to perform at Iron Horse Music Hall

Lisa Marie Presley – yes, The King's daughter – is coming to the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton on Sunday, Nov. 17.

Getting past the fact that she is the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley isn't easy, but the 45-year-old singer-songwriter has drawn strong critical reviews for her recorded work. She is on the road to promote her third album, "Storm and Grace."

Produced by 12-time Grammy Award-winner T Bone Burnett, "Storm and Grace" captures her Memphis roots and is a departure from Presley’s previous albums, 2003's

gold-certified debut disc "To Whom It May Concern" and her sophomore 2005 release "Now What." Both of those albums debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart.
Tickets for the show are $25 and are now available at the Northampton Box Office, by calling (413) 586-8686 or online at

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Catching up with Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley - yes, that Presley - is one of World Vision Artists'External Link new advocates for the world's poorest children. World Vision caught up with the singer and mother of four, who is currently on tour for her new album, Storm and Grace.

See Lisa Marie at any of her upcoming tour datesExternal Link through the end of November, where concert-goers can stop by the World Vision table at each venue to sponsor a child.

You have a history of involvement with different children's charities and philanthropies, even starting one of your own, the Presley Charitable Foundation, in 2007. Where does your interest in child advocacy come from?

When you have children, you get more sensitive to children. A really simple answer, but it's true. When you become a mother, you see how children start off and how helpless and vulnerable they are. It makes you really want to go fight for them, stand up and help them, and do something for them - because they can't do it for themselves.

Some people are in a position where they can help. And if you are, then I feel like you should. If you sit there and take and take and take, that's boring and I have no interest. I'm in a position where I can do something to help the world be a better place, so I should do that.

So you think that people in a position of influence, who have the means to help, have responsibility to do so?

Everyone has a responsibility, to some degree. We can all be self-absorbed and worry about our own problems, but then you find out what's really going on, and it puts things in perspective.

It's not that difficult to help - $35 a month (the cost for child sponsorship) is not that hard when you think about it. It's the price of concert tickets, or coffee every day for a month, all to help to potentially save someone's life, give them food, and help their community.

Why did you choose to partner with World Vision?

Because it's tried and true, and it's been around for so long. I did the [World Vision Kisongo TrekExternal Link] walk-through in Nashville, and I saw the interaction that goes on and where your money goes. That's another key for me, the correspondence with a child and their family.

World Vision is set up in such a way that it's a really well-oiled machine. You guys are really in there doing it. It's not for show, it's not to make a commercial to get people to send a bunch of money - it's really happening. That's what appeals to me.

What excites you the most about your partnership with World Vision?

I'm excited about involving my whole family, the older kids [ages 24 and 21] and the little ones [4-year-old twins], too. My two older kids are sponsoring children, and they want to go to the field and do volunteer work with me next year. As soon as I told them about the possibility of doing that, they said, 'We want to go, we really want to go!' I was really happy to hear that. I want to get my hands dirty and refocus.

My daughter [actress Riley Keough] was just in Africa for six months shooting the new Mad Max movie. When she got back she told me, 'I'm horrified [at how some people live]. I want to do something. I need to come back here.' She's got a huge heart.

How do you balance your career - which is ramping up with this new album - family, and charity involvement?

It's a juggling act, particularly when I'm on tour and working, because I've got the little ones with me and the big ones to keep my eye on. I do it in sections and try to compartmentalize everything. I have entire months when all I do is work and then months when I'm with the kids all the time.

Right now, it feels like everything is on fire because of the tour. It's really day by day. Yesterday we were stuck on the tour bus all day long. It was like we were camping because the performance was out in the Oregon countryside. Thank goodness I'd gone grocery shopping the day before to get snacks!

It's tough! I want to be with them all the time, but I love doing this, too. So you've got to keep it all balanced.

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Lisa continues her tours

Lisa Marie Presley ‏@LisaPresley
Just arrived in NYC for the East Coast stop of the tour ,LOVE it here! Now it feels like fall...Come see us! Lots of Love, lmp

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Lisa Marie Presley at Ridgefield Playhouse

Asked if she practices singing, Lisa Marie Presley laughed before answering.

"I don’t practice, I should," she admitted during a recent phone interview. Practicing is not necessary when your parents are Elvis and Priscilla Presley and music is all but hardwired into your DNA.

Following in her father’s famous footsteps, Lisa Marie Presley has made it in the music industry in her own right. Her music is steeped in southern roots and is a hybrid of blues, country and folk. She will be in concert at the Ridgefield Playhouse on Friday, Oct. 11, at 8 p.m. She recently released her third album, “Storm and Grace,” produced by acclaimed producer T-Bone Burnett.

Presley was born in the late ’60s. She was married to Michael Jackson in the 1990s and later was briefly married to actor Nicolas Cage. In 2006, she married guitarist Michael Lockwood, who tours with her and serves as her band’s musical director.

In her interview, Presley spoke about her new album, the upcoming show, and the gossip and misconceptions that always seem to pop up when her name is mentioned.

Q: What can fans expect at the show?

A: It’s really intimate. The record is really intimate so the venues are intimate; they’re smaller theaters mostly. I like that.

Q: Can you tell me about the new album?

A: It was just the next record. (After my last album) I changed a lot of my life, and got rid of a lot of things, and moved around a lot, and went to a different country (England), and wrote, and this is what came of it. T-Bone Burnett liked the demos, thank god, and I liked him so he produced it.

Q: What was working with T-Bone like?

A: He was incredibly inspiring. I’ve worked with a lot of incredible people, I’ve been blessed to be able to do that, but he was by far my favorite. I adore him and I sort of adopted him or made him adopt me anyhow.

Q: What’s your songwriting process like?

A: I’m like a conduit. I start singing and I start coming up with a melody. Melodies start coming to me, I don’t know where they come from but they come, then the lyrics come and I labor over those for hours until I get a song how I want it.

Q: What’s your approach as a singer, do you have to practice a lot or does it come naturally?

A: I don’t practice, I should. It’s all natural, for better or worse. All I do is warm my voice up; I warm it up so it will do what I want. That’s pretty much all I care about.

Q: Obviously music is in your genes. What did you learn about music and performing from your father?

A: I don’t know. I think his music was so embedded in my DNA so early that was the first thing I ever heard, that was part of my initial introduction into music.

Q: You were close to both the King of Rock and King of Pop, (Michael Jackson). Did you learn anything from their performance styles?

A: I don’t get into that (Michael Jackson) while I’m doing pre-interviews before shows. Like I said, I’ve been blessed to work and be around lots of incredible people and I’m sure it’s all had an impact on me in some way.

Q: I know you tour with your husband and guitarist. Do you enjoy touring together?

A: It’s great. I’m really glad that he doesn’t tour without me. We met touring, so that’s what we know and it works really well.

Q: Any misconceptions about you that seem to pop up consistently?

A: There’s misconceptions about me constantly, there’s so many I can’t even stay up on them. It’s obviously frustrating but it happens.

Q: Any in particular?

A: You know, I can just Google my name, or watch my daily Google alert, and most of what pops up are misconceptions. Nowadays things just start going. They don’t even call to see if it’s true or ask you about anything. It just starts to take a life of its own and go viral.

Q: So gossip has gotten worse in the digital age?

A: Yes.

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Lisa Marie Presley Gets Intimate in NYC: Concert Review

The singer unveiled her new stripped-down musical style in a club show touting 2012 album “Storm and Grace.”

It’s fitting that Lisa Marie Presley filmed the video for her song “Weary” at Memphis’ Sun Studios, where her legendary father recorded his early singles six decades earlier. That track, along with the rest of her new album Storm and Grace, features her performing in a roots rock mode that stands in marked contrast to her earlier pop-rock efforts. The style well befits the husky-voiced singer, who delivered a good portion of its songs during her intimate show Sunday night at NYC’s City Winery.

Accompanied by a first-rate five-piece band that included her husband Michael Lockwood (sporting a bizarre feathered top hat) on guitar, Presley delivered a strong 90-minute set that well showcased the strengths of her new material. Despite her heritage, she’s not a natural stage performer, displaying little sign of Elvis’ aggressive charisma. But she revealed an endearing warmth and vulnerability, especially when she phoned her son from the stage so he could her hear rendition of the album’s title track. “He better answer the phone,” she warned.

Not that she’s shy and retiring, either. Her rendition of “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” featured an impressive swagger, as did “Idiot,” a self-described “mean” kiss-off song to a former lover that features such less than subtle lyrics as “I hate your guts.”

“This person is still very much running around, and still an idiot,” she said by way of introduction.

Although her vocals were occasionally drowned out in the mix, Presley did unveil impressive pipes on such songs as “Sticks and Stones,” the opening chorus of which she belted out unaccompanied.

Her new sound features country, blues and folk influences, no surprise considering that the album was produced by T Bone Burnett. The stripped-down style was emphasized by the generous doses of fiddle, mandolin and steel and pedal guitar featured prominently in the arrangements.

Showmanship was largely absent, save for her dramatically pounding a drum during such final numbers as “Un-Break.” She also took the opportunity to urgently tout her charity partner for the tour, World Vision, an organization addressing worldwide childhood poverty.

While ballads like “Weary” and the plaintive “Just Like a Dream” featured her performing in a quiet mode, the show’s encore of “I’ll Figure It Out” and a cover of Tom Petty’s “Need to Know” allowed her and the band to unveil their harder rocking side.

Set List:

So Long
Over Me
Storm of Nails
You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
Just Like a Dream
Storm and Grace
Lights Out
Soften the Blows
Sticks and Stones
I’ll Figure It Out
Need to Know

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Lisa Marie Presley brings Storm and Grace tour to Bay City's State Theatre

BAY CITY, MI — When Lisa Marie Presley heads to Bay City, she will do something she loves: performing live music for her fans.

On tour with her latest album, “Storm and Grace,” Presley takes the stage Oct. 24 at the State Theatre.

Released in 2012, Presley says the album is a little different from her debut “To Whom It May Concern,” released in 2003, and gold-certified, and “Now What,” which debuted in the Top 10 on Billboards Top 200 chart in 2005.

The new album, produced by T Bone Burnett, a 12-time Grammy award winner, Presley says while it's different, it's still her music.

“It's just more stripped down and more organic,” she said. “It's still the same me.”

That same me still knows how to rock, as proof on the cut “Over Me,” a story about lost love.

But, says the singer-songwriter, that's not all the audience will hear when she takes the stage.

“I have favorites I like to perform live,” she said. “I'm attached to them in their own way. We'll be doing some old stuff from my earlier albums. My husband (Michael Lockwood) is musical director and that brings something to the flavor we have going on.”

Bringing music and lyrics together is something the 45-year-old knows about. Being the only child of Elvis Presley, she says she had a pretty good idea where her life was heading.

Today, her songs come from her experiences.
“I sit with somebody playing an instrument and we start grooving,” she said. “Then I figure out the lyrics. I work from five to seven hours to get a song written.”

While she is enjoying the tour and meeting fans, there is a little bit more to this tour than music.

“We're linking up to World Vision,” she said. “We're raising money for children in Third World countries. I've always been an advocate for children. I'm always doing whatever I can to help.”

World Vision is a group that helps children and their communities in nearly 100 countries through sponsorships.

But this tour is one for her fans.

“I did it for them,” she says. “I love to see them.”

Mike Bacigalupo, director of the theater, says tickets are selling fast.

If you go:

Who: Lisa Marie Presley

When: 7 p.m. Oct. 24

Where: State Theatre, 913 Washington Ave

Tickets: $32 and $22, $17 for students

Info: 989-892-2660, State Theatre

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Lisa Marie Presley performs for full house at Bay City's State Theatre

BAY CITY, MI — Someone in the audience at Bay City's State Theatre yelled out, "We love you, Lisa Marie."

To which Lisa Marie Presley answered, "I love you too."

More than 500 people of all ages showed their love for the singer-songwriter and daughter of Elvis Presley by packing in the State Theatre, 913 Washington in Bay City, Thursday, Oct. 24.

"Her music is altogether different type of music from her dad and she is very attractive," said Susan Maxwell of Bay City. "There sure is a great turnout."

Fans stood up to welcome Presley to the stage and those up front stayed up leaning against the stage.
"It's my first time here," Presley told the audience. "Thank you for making me feel so welcomed."

Ashley Stevens of Bay City and her friends get together often to attend concerts. They were all very excited to have Presley in town. Stevens has been a fan since Presley was little.

"She's Elvis' daughter!" Stevens said.

"Her dad has something to do with her fame, but they decided to see her and she is not disappointing," said Mike Bacigalupo, State Theatre director. "She is very personable and down to earth and that's rare in big stars."

The State Theatre booked Presley as part of the Fall In... Art and Sol celebration, a collaboration effort of organizations to celebrate the arts and entertainment in the Great Lakes Bay Region.
"I never pictured her coming here," Stevens said "I'm so glad they brought her. It's awesome."

Bacigalupo said that people from all over the country came to see the show, some as far as Washington.

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Lisa Marie Presley at home in intimate concert setting

At the age of three, Lisa Marie Presley would use her hairbrush for a microphone, and sing as if in concert.

“I always performed. I was always singing. I was always listening to music, always,” Presley said in a recent interview. “Music always been an important part of my life. I can’t remember not having it take center stage for me in my life.”

Growing up in Graceland, the daughter of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, discovered her passion for music at an early age.

“I’ve always loved it since I was a very small child, and I’ve always written,” the singer-songwriter said. “I put them together in my early ’20s.”

Presley, 45, spoke by phone while traveling the East Coast as part of her “Storm & Grace” tour. Now in its third leg, the tour stops Oct. 26 at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles.

“It’s very intimate,” she said of the tour. “The album’s very intimate. The venues are intimate. It’s pretty organic.”

Her latest release, 2012’s country/folk/blues-influenced “Storm & Grace,” has been described as departure from her earlier rock and pop work — the 2003 gold-certified “To Whom It May Concern” and 2005’s “Now What.”

“The previous releases were probably over-produced. And they’re more angry, and that’s not happening any more,” Presley said. “Things are kind of broken down in my life and therefore the record ended up that way as well.”

Broken down “in a simplified way — not in a bad way, in a simplified way,” she said. “The record is more simplified, more organic.”

Her current live shows reflect that organic nature.

“It’s pretty raw, I would say. My musicians are incredible. I’m so lucky to be able to play with them,” she said. “It’s just very stripped down and simplified.”

Among the songs she performs in concert is her latest single, “People,” which appears on the most recent volume of “The Walking Dead” soundtrack. While she sings the song live, she doesn’t anticipate it will be included on any of her future releases.

Fans looking forward to a new album from Presley will have to wait, though.

“When I’m on tour, I’m in tour mode. When I’m writing, I’m in writing mode,” Presley said.

She said she may take a break and possibly start writing again.

“There’s still some songs that I’m attached to from this record,” she said. “I wrote about 34 songs. There’s a couple that I really love. It’s not out of the question that I wouldn’t take them, revamp a bit ... and maybe write some new ones for next year. There’s talk of possibly an EP.”

While music is one passion, her philanthropic work on behalf of children is another. Her most recent endeavor is a partnership with World Vision, which describes itself as “a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.” At every show there is a table of pamphlets about children in third world countries that desperately need to be sponsored, she said.

“We encourage every night for people to sponsor a child. Thirty-five dollars a month. It pays for their clothing, water, food. Everything. You develop a relationship with these children,” Presley said. “That ties into the tour very well.”

She wants to let those hesitant about committing to a sponsorship know any donation helps.

“Even anything, five dollars, anything,” she said. “And I tell them it’s definitely going there, I promise you ... The families will write them back too, corresponding.”

Kathy Cichon is a local freelance writer.

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An Ethereal Mystery of Lisa Marie Presley Unveiled

Lisa Marie Presley. American Music Royalty was in the house. At last night's concert at Arcada in St. Charles, the ethereal vibrations of this extraordinary voice left the audience mystified. Pure and raw. Beyond the reality of who's daughter she is, people of all ages came, to honor the little girl that they watched grow up and become an extraordinary songwriter and singer. Exposed with a collective vulnerability that everyone in her presence could connect to, Presley brought tears to the eyes of viewers and a poignant reminder of the empowerment that comes with overcoming obstacles. The experiences of your life tells a story, and no matter how dark they once were, Presley revealed the acceptance that is part of the mosaic that makes you complete. With a deep voice that tells stories that brought the audience to their feet, Presley gave every ounce of her being to the crowd.

The evening began with Seth Glier, a singer/songwriter and amazing musician that at 24 years old, seems to be carrying the voice and the life experiences of a very old soul. A Grammy nominated artist who's voice reaches the depth of the words he sings. A piercing voice that extended to every corner of the theater. As the opening act for Lisa Marie Presley... Glier silenced the audience as his voice rippled through the theater and affected everyone present. "Wild Horses" captivating lyrics that combined with the sax and vocals of Joe Nerney, became an awakening when the words were sung "I suggest we do some living before we die. Wild horses couldn't drag me away, wild horses we will ride someday." A journey I won't soon forget, and music that somehow is now within me.

A common thread that binds Seth Glier and Lisa Marie Presley is their dedication with children's foundations. Presley's charitable outreach partner, World Vision offered a table in the entrance of the venue with individual photographs of children from all over the world that need sponsors, and the response that night was incredible. Seth Glier also is a National Spokeperson for Autism Speaks.

I have been listening to Presley's music since her debut album in 2003, entitled "To Whom It May Concern" to her newest "Storm & Grace" and the energy that filters through her is no different than it was ten years ago. Presley was close and personal to all of us in her presence. For her song "Just a Dream" she tells us the meaning of what she wrote, and as she said "whether you believe it or not, I dreamed I talked to someone" and sings "Were you here last night, we fell in love again or was it just a dream? The songs have changed, yet as a songwriter her brilliance is from the transformation from the dark to the light and giving that darkness a place in her life story. In all of our stories. That is why last night's concert was meaningful to so many people. Lisa Marie Presley invites us to see in a different light by unveiling the mysterious and beautiful within the dark shadows. It is after all, just a dream.

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UnRated Entertainment Magazine

On Friday October 25. Lisa Marie Presley came to Chicago to play a little known venue for music called The City Winery Chicago. This is one of two locations one in Chicago and the other in New York City.
City Winery was the brainchild of Michael Dorf, founder of the iconic Knitting Factory, one of New York’s longest running music venues, wanted to create a space in Manhattan where he could combine his shared passions for wine and music.
On Lisa Marie performance, she played to a sold out crowd. Her performance was wonderful. And a lot different from when I saw her before back some 10 years ago. During that time, she was under control of her label. And you could see that she was very nervous during the two performance I saw her at (The House of Blues in Chicago and PBS Soundstage). I remember back then during her PBS Soundstage performance she nervous because the head of the label had flew in to watch her performance.
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Now forward to 2013. You could tell that she was totally in control of how the show went. In fact during the show she told the audience that she loses money every time she goes on tour. Which shows that she was performing not for money but for the love of the music and getting it out to the people?
Here is the list of songs that she played.
· Early In The Mornin' Intro / So Long
· Over Me
· Storm Of Nails
· Weary
· You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
· Storm & Grace
· Idiot (2013 Tour Version)
· People
(from 'The Walking Dead' AMC … more)
· Lights Out (2013 Tour Version)
· S.O.B. (2013 Tour Version)
· Soften The Blows
· Un-Break
· Sticks And Stones
· Encore:
· I'll Figure It Out (2013 Tour Version)
· I Need To Know

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Rock royalty: Lisa Marie Presley bringing 'Storm & Grace' tour to the Academy of Fine Arts

Posted: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 7:00 am
Brent Wells

From Arlo Guthrie to Jakob Dylan, there are enough success stories about the offspring of music’s most revolutionary and influential artists making a name for themselves that we recognize it’s possible, albeit somewhat challenging.

Perhaps no performer better understands the harsh reality of this particular notion than Elvis Presley’s only child — daughter Lisa Marie. He is, after all, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and carving out an identity of your own in the shadow of such a looming legacy can’t be easy.

“Last night, there was an impersonator in the crowd,” Presley said by phone on Sunday from a tour stop in St. Louis. “It was only the second time in like … twice in 46 cities. So that’s not bad. They aren’t doing it to hurt me. They’re doing it as a tribute, and I understand that to some degree. But I still don’t really get it.”

Fully aware of the pressure associated with being heir to the family throne, Presley waited several years to release her debut album, 2003’s “To Whom It May Concern,” thinking she wasn’t quite up to snuff, even though EMI Records had signed her in the late 1990s.

Instead, the 5-foot-3 Memphis native spent countless hours in the studio, writing songs and working to cultivate the right sound before green lighting the disc.

"I really wanted to get on with it," she said. "But I was also terrified, which is why I probably took so long."

Reviews of the LP were mixed, an assessment that's not uncommon for many artists’ first time up to bat. Some critics said the effort felt contrived, while others gave the singer points for her gutsy, blues-edged vocals, a mix of Sheryl Crow’s rich, textured croon and Courtney Love's frayed, disaffected delivery.

Tracks like the anthemic "The Road Between" and cautionary "Better Beware" come off as surprisingly self-deprecating, with her blunt lyrics on the latter cut leaving a lasting impression: "You broke it down/With that boring sound you gave to me/That I don't want to hear.”

Presley, who’ll be in Lynchburg for a sold-out show at the Academy of Fine Arts next Friday, managed to impress enough of the mass-buying public to earn a gold album, setting the stage for her sophomore disc, 2005’s candidly titled “Now What” — an admittedly more polished affair marked by slick, chart-hungry guitars and plenty of studio-enhanced trickery.

“It was a weird combination,” she said. “I tried to smooth it over, to pretty much hide behind it. I wanted the vocals tripled and all that kind of stuff.”

"I'll Figure It Out,” a tune co-written by Linda Perry, who brought out the grit in Pink and Christina Aguilera, features a bit of self-satisfying swagger, like when she sings, "Boat-rocking trouble maker/Non-conforming [expletive] starter/With the rebel DNA pirate spirit."

Then there’s the pleasurable sting of the scathing "Idiot" and a faithful remake of Don Henley's 1982 single "Dirty Laundry,” which, as an attack on the media, could have been written specifically for Presley.

No matter how much friends and advisors tried to prepare her for the incessant curiosity that she’d encounter — particularly the relentless questioning about her father and short-lived marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage — Presley’s tendency toward scandalous behavior during those days seemed to dash any hopes of a cease-fire.

“I just don’t think people know what to do with me,” Presley said. “I have this weird tabloid persona. And then there’s this person. Music is a way to say, ‘This is actually me.’ I’m a singer/songwriter. I'm not doing this to be a pop star. I don’t want attention. That’s not who I am. I'm doing it for credibility."

Maybe in an attempt to bolster that pursuit, she’s no longer willing to discuss the sordid details of her fragmented yet intriguing past, preferring to keep the conversation focused on her music. Whether it’s talk about her drug-fueled phase as a young woman, ill-fated nuptials to more than one high-profile entertainer or the mystery surrounding her involvement with the Church of Scientology, Presley and her camp are quick to point out the topics she considers off limits.

When the constant scrutiny reached a boiling point, she did, in fact, ditch the celebrity-saturated culture of L.A. a few years ago. At the suggestion of her manager, Simon Fuller, who’s best known for creating the “American Idol” franchise, Presley retreated to England, where she now lives with her husband, guitarist Michael Lockwood, and their twin daughters.

Lockwood, who she married in 2006 and serves as the musical director for her touring band, brought a measure of calm and consistency to Presley’s life, which, up until that point, had been mired by dysfunctional relationships.

“Everything I knew that was holding me steady was not what I thought,” she said. “But he’s had so much to do with my progression, cheering me on behind the scenes. He’s always part of my evolution, of me growing.”

With things humming along on the home front, Presley mined her turbulent past and put together her first album in seven years, 2012’s “Storm & Grace.”

Thanks, in part, to the keen instincts of producer T-Bone Burnett — whose credits range from Los Lobos and Marshall Crenshaw to Elvis Costello and the Grammy-winning soundtrack to “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” — Presley emerged with an exercise that arranged her dusty, robust voice alongside the classic neo-roots of moody country and blues.

The sinisterly single “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” is a casual statement of defiance, a tough little saunter of a song in which a spiteful Presley vows for revenge. Later, the brushed rhythms and echoing chimes of “So Long” feel like they materialize out of a cemetery fog, with Presley, just above a whisper, telling off “fair-weathered friends” and churches that “don’t have a soul.”

In “Un-Break,” she wonders whether she was once a “backstabbing liar” and is only getting what she deserves, buoyed by the shuffle of a western-gothic groove, while the slow waltz of “Storm & Grace” and “Weary” breed a balmy Southern atmosphere that embodies the gradual roll of a tumbleweed inching its way out of the shadows.

The disc marks Presley’s return to form, the by-product of her breaking free from outside expectations to find significance beyond the glare of an unforgiving spotlight, something she professes to have never desired in the first place.

“I don’t need fame, and I don’t need money,” Presley said. “I’ve never cared about stuff like that, ya know? I care about helping other people. And when I found out I have, with my music, that makes me really happy.”

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Lisa Marie Presley - Lisa Marie Presley makes 'horrible' animal noises to prepare for shows
by Bang Showbiz | 04 November 2013

Lisa Marie Presley has revealed that her pre-concert routine includes making ''horrible animal noises'', which she quips could be mistaken for an exorcism.

Lisa Marie Presley makes ''horrible animal noises'' before going on stage.

The singer - who is the daughter of late rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley - has revealed she has a strange pre-show vocal routine before big concerts and jokes that her high-pitched babbling could be mistaken for an ''exorcism''.

She quipped: ''I do really horrible animal noises to warm up my voice ... I can actually perform an exorcism, I think!'' Laughing

As well as making animal noises, the 45-year-old star - who is currently travelling across the United States on her 'Storm & Grace' tour - also prepares her voice with a hot drink which includes cayenne pepper, similar to drinks taken by other pop stars including Beyonce.

She added to ''I drink this apple, cider, cinnamon, cayenne pepper concoction before I go out to clear my throat.''

Lisa Marie - who was previously married to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson and actor Nicolas Cage - recently claimed her 20-year-old son Ben Keough, whom she shares with her first husband Danny Keough, bears a resemblance to her iconic father.

She said: ''Sometimes a lot. It depends how he's fixing himself up. Yeah, without question actually.''

Lisa Marie also has famous daughter Riley, 24, with Danny, and five-year-old twins, Harper and Finley, with fourth husband Michael Lockwood.

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Lisa marie's tours 2013
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