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A real love story! 6th Anniversary
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 SPECIAL THANKS from LisaPresley album 'Storm & Grace'

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SPECIAL THANKS from LisaPresley album 'Storm & Grace' Empty
PostSubject: SPECIAL THANKS from LisaPresley album 'Storm & Grace'   SPECIAL THANKS from LisaPresley album 'Storm & Grace' EmptyTue Sep 03, 2013 7:17 am

SPECIAL THANKS from @LisaPresley album 'Storm & Grace'

"Riley, Ben Ben, Harper & Finley-Thank you for giving me a reason to live everyday and so much happiness. You are the content of my heart, my spirit, my blood and bones. It is you and only you that brings me all of life's pleasures and pains in every way. You are the only thing that matters to me and always will be. Thank you for being the loves of my life and for allowing me to be your mom, making you proud is what I care about so this is for you~Love, Mom, Mommy, Maaaaam and Mama Smile

*Lockwood~I have been with you for 9 years the day I write this and I have never known or experienced a more supportive, loving, selfless devoted human being in all of my life. Thank you for standing by my side and for gently guiding me and allowing me so much freedom always and through the making of this record. Thank you for always being there to pick everything up when it falls apart, including me Smile You are and always will be my love, my rock and my partner in crime. Your love and support are the very foundation of my sanity and stability and I love you with all my heart. ~Me

*Simon Fuller~ Thank you for facilitating my dreams in so many ways over the last few years and for allowing me the space and freedom and opportunity to evolve on this record and in my life. It is rare that a person in your position would have such compassion and give so much freedom to the artist, I am lucky and honored that you came into my life when you did. Thank you for all of your support and care. ~LMP

*T Bone~ Thank you for believing in me and for giving me the incredible opportunity to work with you. Everyday that we worked together I came back to life just a little bit more and I grew as an artist. Thank you for your friendship and your grand and awesome presence in general, it is truly electrifying and something to behold. ~LMP

*Special Thanks to Roger Widynowski, Michelle Young and everyone at XIX. I am truly blessed to be in such good hands that really care and protect their artist the way you do.

*Dougie Bruce...Thank you for making my transition to England so easy and nice. Thank you for putting me with so many different and incredible song writers. Thank you for giving me such freedom and variety and thank you for your friendship and guidance. You had everything to do with this record getting made Smile

*Richard Hawley~ Thank you for inspiring me to finally step out of hiding and big productions as a singer/songwriter. Thank you for your incredible support and friendship. I happily look forward to being able to write and play more music with you. I adore you ~LMP

*Ed Harcourt~It was a true honor to write songs with you. Thank you for being such an inspirational singer/songwriter and musician. I thoroughly enjoyed every day we spent together writing and knowing that I would go home with something amazing that I was proud of. Thank you for also being such a good friend. All my love and thanks, LMP

*Sasha Skarbek (sic) ~ Thank you for honoring in on my strengths and for helping me find my way on this record. I am proud of every song we wrote. You are such an incredible song writer and person. It was a true honor and a lot of fun, thank you for your contribution and also for your friendship. Lots of love, LMP

*Special Thanks to Fran Healy , Steve Booker, James Bryan McCollum, James Hogarth & Luke Potashnick~Thanks for lending your incredible song writing talents to the creation of this record. It was a great experience that led to a great out come. Love, LMP.

*Special thanks to The Village and Jeff Greenberg for making it a home * Thank you to all the incredible and mind blowing musicians that played on this record. ~ Jay Bellerose, Dennis Crouch, Jackson Smith, Blake Mills, Mike Comptom, Keefus Green, Patrick Warren, Zachary Dawes, Greg Leisz~you guys were so inspirational and fun to work with every day, wow, just wow. ~LMP

*Monte Lipman, Tom Mackay and the UR staff-Avery Lipman, Jim Roppo, Frank Arigo, Pat Monaco, Wayne Chernin, Russell Fink, Trina Tombrink, Leah Streetman, Jay Wilson, Kim Harris, Sandy Brummels, Kristina Grossman, Joel Klaiman, Matt Voss and Brett Alperowitz. Thank you for really getting behind the body of work and nothing else. You guys are the best! ~LMP
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SPECIAL THANKS from LisaPresley album 'Storm & Grace'
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