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A real love story! 6th Anniversary
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PostSubject: LISA MARIE PRESLEY ON SCIENTOLOGY   Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:18 am


Lisa Marie Presley is inching ever closer to speaking publicly about leaving Scientology. And yesterday, she seemed to take a pretty big move in that direction.

In April of last year, we first pointed out that a new song by Lisa Marie contained words a Scientologist in good standing would never use. The song was “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet,” and it was released ahead of the album Storm and Grace. Based on those lyrics, we said it was pretty likely that longstanding rumors were true and Lisa Marie had left the church.

A month later, we obtained from her label the lyrics to the rest of the album’s songs, and revealed that the words in the song “So Long” no longer left any doubt that Lisa Marie had left Scientology behind.

This here is a city without lights
Those are all the people without eyes
Churches, they don’t have a soul
Soup for sale without a bowl
Religion so corrupt and running lives
Farewell, fair weathered friends
I can’t say I’ll miss you in the end

In the year since, we’ve received further confirmation from our celebrity sources that Lisa Marie Presley has, indeed, given up on Scientology. But she has not spoken publicly about it, and generally, when reporters ask her about the lyrics of her songs, she’s offered only vague stories about leaving a group of people who had been holding her back.

Yesterday, however, the CBS-distributed show with the unfortunate name omg! Insider interviewed Presley at Graceland, and co-anchor Kevin Frazier asked her once again about the lyrics to “So Long.” (For some reason, he got the name wrong, calling it “Sticks and Stones,” which is another song on the album, but the lyrics on the screen are definitely from “So Long.”)

Although the word “Scientology” is never uttered by Frazier or Presley, it’s only too obvious that her answer is all about leaving the church. And what an answer.

Here’s what she said:

Kevin: What’s that about?

Lisa Marie: Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Kevin: But when you were writing it, what was going through your mind?

Lisa Marie: There was a point in my life where no one would ever tell me anything bad. No one was telling me what was happening or what was going on, really. So I had a very obscure and actually completely blocked view of reality for a very long time. So, when I got rid of all these nuts in my life and these, whatever they’re crazy criminal people, away, that I was like, OK, I’m going to go find out what’s really going on out there.

Like other ex-Scientologists, Presley describes what it’s like to be inside the church’s bubble, kept from what’s really happening in the world. Other church members tell us that at some point, they became aware of the corruption in the church, and then became determined to learn what was really going on.

Said former Scientology spokesman, Mike Rinder, when he saw this video last night, “She is less circumspect than I have heard her before about her views of the church.”

She certainly is. We’ve been told she’s not more vocal because she doesn’t want to lose contact with members of her family who are still in the church. As we’ve shown time and again at this website, people who dare leave Scientology often find themselves “declared” a “suppressive person,” and church members who want to remain in good standing then have to cut off all ties with that “SP,” even if it means splitting up families.

Actress Leah Remini managed to keep her family intact when she left Scientology this summer. Can Lisa Marie eventually do the same?

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