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 An Interview with Riley Keough June 5, 2014

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PostSubject: An Interview with Riley Keough June 5, 2014   Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:03 am

An Interview with Riley Keough

An Interview with Riley Keough
June 5, 2014
By: Anna Maria Speroni

Riley Keough is one of the girls with the highest concentration of celeb family that social remember, yet insists that her childhood was (almost) the same as any other child: more than good faith defense seems at odds close to a privacy violated very often. Long red hair, blue eyes, as well as the obvious striking looks with mother Lisa Marie Presley and grandmother Priscilla Presley.

The encounter in the messy room of a large hotel where she is working. With her an agent-mastiff, those who never smile, plus a guy in shorts and baseball cap that is presented to us as a bodyguard: in fact it is also her new boyfriend, Ben Smith-Petersen, an actor stuntman.

Model for many years (the first time was for a photo shoot for Vogue with mom and grandmother), Riley prefers the cinema, where she's trying to make her way slowly: sometimes with important family can be complicated. After Magic Mike, where she met her ex-boyfriend Alex Pettyfer, next year we will see in Mad Max: Fury Road and The Green are gone, "a drama."

With a family like her's has never thought of becoming a singer? Her mother has released three albums, her father is musician Danny Keough. Not to mention her grandfather, Elvis Presley.

Riley: "No, never. I play the piano, but it is a hobby. Like traveling, reading, drinking beer, eating chips and watching Street Shark."

Riley began working as a model. Was it her idea or family?

Riley: "My idea. I was only 14 years old and really want to be independent in order to buy what I wanted. The older sister of a friend of mine worked as a model and made good money, so I imitated. But I do not think that will continue, it was a passing phase."

The job is not suitable for you?

Riley: "Mah ..they are very impatient and photo shoots are boring. If it was my career, I do not think I would have been the best."

When her mother separated from Michael Jackson she was 7 years old. What do you remember of the time with him?

Riley: "That was nice. MJ was a generous person who spent a lot of time to others, so a lot of fun for a child."

Do you listen to the music of your grandfather?

Riley: "Yes Not often, but I like it. And I watch his movies, I find them cool, I love the design and the costumes of those years."

Do you have any memorabilia in the house?

Riley: "I do not."

For a couple of years she and her very hot actor Alex Pettyfer continue to pick and leave. At what stage are you?

Riley: "We broke up."

You jealous?

Riley: "I'm not jealous, if there is nothing to be jealous. Alex and I were friends."

Has being raised in a family of star so crowded, has affected her life?

Riley: "Look, I do not see any difference with the other, really."

Even as a child?

Riley: "Especially as a child ... It was my life, it seemed normal. Not at all, most of the time ... I'm a nervous trembling arrival of character."

The time in which you felt particularly nervous?

Riley: "All ... No joke. My first audition I had looked terrible. But maybe from the outside it was not, because then I got the part for The Runaways movie."

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An Interview with Riley Keough June 5, 2014
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