Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson

A real love story! 6th Anniversary
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 People met with Michael Jackson. Testimonials.

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PostSubject: Re: People met with Michael Jackson. Testimonials.   Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:25 pm

Solene Lory, YANA girl who met with Michael Jackson onstage in Munish in 1997.

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Solene Lory, a special MJ's fan who has become popular due her awesome meeting with Michael onstage while he sang You are not alone in Munish on July, 1997.

She shared her experence with Black and White magazine years ago. Read the interview.

Q. Since when are you a Michael-Fan?
Solene ~ Since September 16, 1992. That’s when I saw Michael in concert in Toulouse (France) for the first time. My parents took me to see the Dangerous Tour …

Q. Did you have to wait until the HIStory Tour after that to see Michael again?
Solene ~ Yes, but I didn’t wait until he returned to France! In September 1996 I went to Saragossa, Spain, and after that I saw him in Paris (twice), in Munich (twice), in London (twice) and in Valladolid.

Q. What kind of place did you have during the concerts?
Solene ~ In Saragossa I was among all the other fans, but from the second Paris concert on I paid attention to getting a place in the very front. I got up very early in the morning and queued all day long. As soon as the station gates would open I ran to the very front.

Q. Tell me how it happened that you were chosen by Michael?
Solene ~ It all started on June 29, at Michael’s second concert in Paris. I stood left of the stage with my best friend (girl) and a good friend (guy) of mine. Shortly before the show began I started to virtually besiege Michael’s security team so I could go on stage to Michael during You Are Not Alone. But I had the impression that they didn’t quite understand my request! Back then I didn’t know that it wasn’t their responsibility. Nontheless we kept screaming, were totally beside ourselves and infected with concert fever! Finally Michael’s cameraman became aware of us and stared to film us. I had heard that the girl, who had been chosen on June 27, had first been filmed by the cameraman and had later gone up on stage to Michael. Since it seemed to develop very similar for me I became more and more nervous. A few moments later You Are Not Alone started. The Cameraman came up to us and filmed us during the entire intro. Anthony, Michael’s assistant, came up the the cameraman and exchanged a few words with him. Then he suddenly walked up to us and fished Célia, my best friend, out of the crowd. She was the chosen one … It was just horrible! I totally fell apart and cried throughout the rest of the concert. Regularly the cameraman came back to me to film me. Finally he took my hand and told me that I should come to one of the coming concerts and that he would try to do something for me.

Q. So you had no choice but to follow the tour everywhere it went?
Solen ~ I had planed that all along! That was (end of page 1/continuing on page 2) the reason why I went to Munich. On the way I met fans who believed that the two concerts in Munich would be filmed. At the first Munich concert my friends and I got up at 9 a.m. so we had a good place in front of the station gates and after a short sprint we managed to get a place at the left side of the stage. When Michael’s cameraman arrived he came over to us and greeted me. Later, when the concert stared, he repeatedly came up to me to film me. My friends kept encouraging me in the idea that I would be the chosen one this time. You Are Not Alone finally stared and I saw Anthony walk up to a girl standing only a few meters from me who then followed him to the stage … I was desperate. At the end of the song the cameraman came to me and said: “Don’t worry, you will go up on stage, too, and dance with Michael …”

The second concert in Munich took place two days later, on July 6 …We arrived at the stadium at 10 a.m. The waiting was pretty annoying. I was more stressed than ever, because I wanted a place to the left in the very front at all costs … luckily I managed again. At the beginning of the concert I encountered the cameraman again. He walked up to me and filmed me. When You Are Not Alone set in I started to scream. The fans surrounding me probably thought that I had gone crazy because Michael wasn’t even on stage yet. Suddenly Anthony appeared and fished me out of the crowd …

Q. How did you react at that moment?
Solene ~ I didn’t think anything! My legs were shaking and I ran. There was just one thought in my head: Taking Michael in my arms! I thought of nothing else anymore. I hurried to the stairs that up to the stage. I don’t remember any details. It was wonderful, I enjoyed the moment to the full ...

Q. What did you think when he took you in his arms?
Solene ~ I was happy … I was shaking all over, I thought about that I was lying in his arms. Everything else was surreal. I tried to kiss him and told him in French that I love him. I don’t think he understood me! However, it was somewhat unbelievable to hear his voice so close to my ear …

Q ~ And then?
Solene ~ We danced … I was very agitated. I didn’t want to release him, feel his body. I took his hand, kissed his cheek and looked into his eyes. When I was lying in his arms I told myself that I had to do something special. I knelt down before him. I didn’t think much about it!

Q.You mean, you didn’t plan that before?
Solene ~ No, not at all! You can plan as much as you like, at such a moment you forget everything you you planned. So I knelt down before him and even clasped his legs! You see it in the video. Michael was apparently very surprised at that and almost fell! I didn’t notice that at all.

Q. Who gave that Teddybear to you that you had in your hand and that can be seen in the video?
Solene ~That’s a talisman. That time I took it to a concert for the first time. I had the Teddy with me, too, when I saw Michael for the first time in Disneyland. I had wanted to give it to Michael on stage, but I didn’t think about it anymore at that moment!

Q.After that Wayne, Michael’s bodyguard, came …
Solene ~ I fought fiercely, totally unaware of what I was doing! Wayne even hurt me. Even days after the concert I had a huge bruise on my hip. Wayne took me into the wings and Anthony then escorted me off stage again. I was crying because I was very stressed. I couldn’t even walk anymore so I had to be carried. I wasn’t really there at all and Michael's cameramen filmed it all. After that I went back to my friends in the audience. At that moment I realized that Michael’s smell clung to my t-shirt and to the Teddy. The smell was so pleasant! All Fans hurried up to me and I was overjoyed …

Q.Some months later the concert was shown on TV …
Solene ~ The concert first aired on German TV. A friend of mine watched the recording. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to her house that day but I asked her to call me. Because waiting for the call was unbearable I finally picked up the phone and called her. Her father answered the phone and told me that Julie was sitting in front of the TV, crying, because she’d seen me there with Michael. There I started crying, too. I hadn’t dared to imagine it and was so happy … A dream had come true.

Q. What are you dreaming of now?
Solene ~ That moment with Michael was most wonderful moment in my life. But it’s still a dream of mine to meet Michael in private.
Finally I would like to say this: I was always one of those fans of Michael who wanted to meet Michael at all costs and that’s why I eagerly read “It Doesn’t Only Happen To The Others”. Today you can see me in this rubric! I’m convinced that with a bit of belief and goodwill you can make your dreams come true.

MY MESSAGE FOR MICHAEL (English original)
“Michael, when I was in your arms on July 6th 1997 in Munich, I had the most beautiful time of my life. Thank you for this magical danse [sic]. I love you with all my heart. You are not alone.”
Soléne Lory

Source Black and White magazine

Video with Solene and Michael
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Thanks UK loves MJ facebook page for sharing this story too.

More lovely MJ's pics [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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PostSubject: Re: People met with Michael Jackson. Testimonials.   Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:16 pm

David Bradshaw on Michael

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Polaroids, Michael and Janet Jackson wearing Dexter Wong in fittings with David Bradshaw at the Mondrian Hotel, LA, for the short film ‘Scream’, directed by Mark Romanek, 1995. Bradshaw: “An incredible experience”

TN: You also worked in music, briefly, and one huge one in particular…
DB: I got to do some great videos, one of which was the biggest video of all time, so big it was called a short film, Scream. I worked with Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson and obviously it was an incredible experience. The mementos there start with the original fax I got from the director asking me if I was available to do the job. It’s an artefact in itself! Faxes and Polaroids are a thing of the past yet there are Polaroids of my fittings with Michael and Janet. I now meet young people who cite it as their favourite video of all time!

TN: I’ll admit that I’m amongst them.
DB: [Laughs] Yes!

TN: Finally, what other archives do you keep?
DB: The archive for me is a real physical thing. I have a clothes archive that goes back a very long time and involves pieces from all the companies and campaigns I have worked for and on. And then of course there is my pictures archive, my magazine archive, my furniture and artefact archive. The store is a vessel for one archive of many experiences.

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PostSubject: Re: People met with Michael Jackson. Testimonials.   Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:23 pm

Remember the time Michael Jackson shopped at Palm Beach Mall?

On the sixth anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s death at the age of 50, we remember the time the King of Pop donned a Spider Man mask and shopped for Hot Wheels and sweatpants at the defunct Palm Beach Mall (the county’s first mall stood where Palm Beach Outlets are now, kids).

His mall-crawl companion? Chris Tucker.

From a 2003 Thom Smith column that ran in “The Palm Beach Post:”

Rumors are flying that Michael Jackson has bought a home in Manalapan, but Palm Beach real-estate experts doubt that the pop star can come up with enough cash –$20 million to $40 million. Still, he was throwing around plenty of small bills Thursday and Saturday as he and Chris Tucker shopped at the Palm Beach Mall and The Gardens Mall.

“It got really crazy in here Thursday. He grabbed my arm and said, ‘Help me,'” said Dave Johnson of Finish Line Shoes in the Palm Beach Mall. “I told him, ‘First, take your mask off,’ because he was wearing a really bad Spider-Man-style mask, and people aren’t supposed to be wearing masks due to security regulations. Then it hit me, so I took him to a back room.”

Johnson shut the store down while they shopped, and Tucker went home with $1,100 worth of basketball uniform jerseys, sweatpants and sneakers.

“They had to leave stuff behind and came back for it later,” Johnson said. “His (Jackson’s) Range Rover was piled high.”

Saturday morning, the shopping duo hit The Gardens right as it opened. Then they returned to the Palm Beach Mall, this time escorted by police and mall security. They returned to Finish Line, and Jackson spent $900 on sweatpants and sneakers. Paid in cash.

At K-B Toys, assistant manager Norje Santana sold him a Hot Wheels Turbo Jet City Racing Set for his son.

“We had to put the grate down,” Santana said. “He asked how business was and wanted to know what had happened to FAO Schwarz. (Jackson apparently didn’t know Schwarz remains open in CityPlace.)

“We all got autographs. Are you kidding? If we didn’t, nobody would believe us.”

Nearby at Fye, Jackson bought about $200 worth of CDs. Manager Dave Carucci said his staff just gave Jackson his space, but he did sign some autographs . . . including a Rolling Stone magazine with ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley on the cover.

“He said it would be bad form to sign the cover,” Carucci said. “He signed it on the back.”

Here’s how local fans remembered Michael Jackson in the immediate aftermath of his death.

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PostSubject: Re: People met with Michael Jackson. Testimonials.   

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People met with Michael Jackson. Testimonials.
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