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  Michael Jackson Was Not a Molester, Authorities Say

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PostSubject: Michael Jackson Was Not a Molester, Authorities Say   Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:01 pm

Michael Jackson Was Not a Molester, Authorities Say

Despite the fact that Michael Jackson was under investigation for more or less 10 years for improper conduct around minors, there was never any truth to the allegations, it has now emerged. Moreover, authorities had zero evidence to support his accusers’ claims.

Starting with 1993, as any Michael Jackson fan must know, the singer’s life was turned upside down by allegations of improper conduct.

He settled the first case outside the court which, his mother Katherine said on Today the other day, he did not want because he knew that would make him appear guilty.

Now, a source familiar with the investigations is telling Radar Online that authorities never had a shred of evidence to back up the claims made by his accusers throughout the years.

In other words, Michael Jackson has been vilified for no reason at all.

“The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services absolutely agrees with Katherine that her son never molested any child in cases the department investigated,” the source says.

The admission comes one day after Katherine Jackson’s interview with Matt Lauer for Today, in which she said the biggest misconception about her son had been that he was a molester.

It ruined his career and, ultimately, his life, even though he tried his best to work with the authorities to prove that the allegations made against him were false.

“Michael was fully cooperative during all of his interactions with DCFS. Michael was interviewed for hours without his lawyer. He held nothing back. He couldn’t understand why these allegations were being made against him. DCFS cleared him on any wrongdoing in ALL investigations,” the insider explains for Radar.

On the other hand, Michael did put himself in situations that left room for interpretations – but only because he was a child at heart himself, he never meant any harm.

“Did Michael put himself in precarious situations that most normal people wouldn’t? Absolutely... The questioning was very, very hard on Michael, he just couldn’t fathom that anyone could accuse him of being a child molester,” says the tipster.

Moreover, the accuser that stepped forward with his story in 2005 wasn’t even credible, the source adds.

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Michael Jackson Was Not a Molester, Authorities Say
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